GeoHoliday Club Warns Travelers of Credit Card Scams

Traveling is such a wonderful way to relax, ease any tension or stress, and enjoy a new area, but there is always the looming anxiety of being conned or taken advantage of while on your trip. GeoHoliday Club Scam Prevention Team says that credit card fraud is certainly no joke, whether traveling or not. With that being said, this scam prevention can be used while you are home as well. If you are ever out shopping and the cashier appears to be busy on their phone, then they may be up to something.

With smart phone technology nowadays almost everyone has a camera on his or her phones. So, if your cashier appears to be fiddling with their phone, then keep a close eye on them. One common scam is for them to actually take pictures of your credit card...

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GeoHoliday Club Scam Prevention Team Highlights Credit Card Scam at a Hotel

GeoHoliday Club Scam Prevention Team knows for those first visiting a hotel, its standard procedure to supply a credit card to check in for a  room. Doing this allows any charges to be billed to that card. In the event there are no charges, the hotel will not need to use the credit card.

Although this is required when checking into most hotels, there is still the chance for scam artists to obtain credit card information for personal gain. The most frequent method is to contact a hotel late in the evening and claim to be from the front desk or accounting department calling in regards to an issue in the system when processes the guests credit card. Verifying the credit card number will be requested in order to run the card again.

Although this might seem like a genuine issue, it is certainl...

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GeoHoliday Club Members Help To Protect Your Luggage From A Taxi Driver Scam

GeoHoliday Club members say that when people travel, they often carry a lot of valuables in their luggage. They often keep small bags such as laptop bags as part of their luggage. Scam artists are well aware that the luggage of the tourists can make them a lot of money. That is why they have come up with many different scams that give them access to a traveler’s luggage. Taxi drivers are often the first people that will try to get a traveler’s luggage.

GeoHoliday Club members mention that the way that taxi drivers are able to get the luggage is fairly simple. They pick up a traveler at the airport and load the traveler’s luggage into their cab. They take the traveler to the hotel...

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GeoHoliday Club Tip You On How To Avoid Being A Victim Of A Credit Card Scam When Traveling

GeoHoliday Club members say that if you are traveling, you are probably using a credit card. Imagine the problems that you could face if you suddenly find out that your credit card has been maxed out. If you have fallen victim to a credit card scam during your travels, this is very possible. There are plenty of scam artists that enjoy getting credit card information and going on a shopping spree. It is up to the traveler to take steps to make sure they do not become a victim.

  • Let your credit card company know you are traveling – When the company sees charges from a location that is not where you live, they may suspect fraud and deny any charges...
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GeoHoliday Club Scam Avoidance Team Warns Associates Of Taxi Frauds

GeoHoliday Club continues to be among the most well reviewed vacation groups within the industry simply because of their particular commitment to customer support. That will be the reason why GeoHoliday Club Scam Avoidance Team cautions members of renowned scams which could happen, to ensure that people are prepared and may steer clear of them at all costs. We merely came out of a quite busy holiday season which saw a lot of brand new scams, but none is more renowned than that of the taxi con.

GeoHoliday Club cautions users of taxi frauds due to the fact people will be the simplest to be able to slip into. When you arrive within a completely new nation it can be a little stressful, particularly should you are merely looking to get to your own resort following an extremely long flight...

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GeoHoliday Club On How To Avoid Being a Target for Scam Artists?

If you are traveling you are probably already a target for the scam artists that are at work. GeoHoliday Club has noticed that scam artists are always looking for someone that has money and that can be easily confused. Travelers who are in strange surroundings fit this profile, but that does not mean that you have to be the best target for the scam artists.

The scam prevention team says that knowledge is the best defense that you can have if you do not want to be victimized.

  • Find out what types of tricks are being used in the area that you are traveling to before you go. This type of information can be found on many sites on the internet...
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Geo Holiday Club Shares the Fake Bus Scam

Geo Holiday Club wants to help you avoid falling for the fake bus scam. You might have to leave the place of your vacation via bus. This is great, but what happens if you miss the last bus and you really need some sort of transportation. There is one popular scam, which Geo Holiday Club would like to address.

So you have missed the bus and you are stuck with no visible way out. You are not alone however, and you have a lot of other people along with you. One of them comes up with an idea that a friend of his will take you to your desired destination. So you wait for a while, and the bus finally arrives. You get on and you reach your final destination safely. The driver however demands a price 3 times higher than what you thought you would pay...

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Geo Holiday Club Scam Avoidance Squad Presents Tips to Practice Scam Avoidance While Traveling

Geo Holiday Club Scam Avoidance Squad knows that planning a vacation can be a lot of work. You have to figure out where you are going, how you are going to get there, and where you are going to stay while you are there. There are times when all of the planning for a vacation can be overwhelming, but there is one other thing that you need to do which is to think about scam avoidance. People planning their vacations are often targets of the people who want to take advantage of them. It can happen before a vacation, during a vacation or even after a vacation. Geo Holiday Club Scam Avoidance Squad offers a few things that travelers can practice when it comes to scam avoidance.

  • Book your travel plans through legitimate and trusted companies...
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GeoHoliday Club Scam Prevention Team Recommends that You Use Cash on Your Vacation

GeoHoliday Club scam prevention team knows that credit card fraud is a big problem everywhere but you may be especially susceptible to this while traveling.  When shopping or going around town it is advised that you use only cash for any transactions, especially in smaller mom & pop type of stores and restaurants.  At hotels and other well know business, credit card transactions are probably safe and in the case of hotels, sometimes necessary.  GeoHoliday Club scam prevention team understands that carrying cash around town might seem like a bad idea in case of pickpockets, etc.  But carried safely, cash might be a safer way to go then credit cards.

Only carry enough cash for what you have planned for your outing plus a little extra just in case.  GeoHoliday Club scam prevention team r...

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GeoHoliday Club Scam Protection Squad Helps You Differentiate Scams from the Real Offers

GeoHoliday Club Scam prevention squad knows that traveling is fun, and also life’s biggest pleasure, and this is the reason why most tourists prefer to search for the best attractions, restaurants, and recreational facilities that they can enjoy in their holiday destinations instead of being on the lookout for scams. During their holiday most tourists let their guard down and this is what the scammers take advantage of. You can be tracked by fake police officers, tricky taxi drivers or distracted from the main issue while the con artists steal your money and personal information– there are many possible ways that you may be conned.

Unfortunately for all the good ones, taxi drivers have a bad reputation for ripping of travelers as they do have a lot of tricks through which they fool innoc...

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